A palette of vivid colours captivate the eye. They draw you into an interior world of mystery and discovery. Entering into this world, the viewer encounters rich surfaces of flowing paint, of intense concentrations of reds and oranges that bring to mind fiery volcanic eruptions after which the eye is lead to cool patches of greys or delicate violet for rest and repose until it is drawn back into the dynamic depth of colour contrasts.

Silke Koppe’s paintings are vivid, often disturbing in their tensions of strong use of contrasting colours, of expressive emotions and play with depth. They encourage the imagination to wander, to puzzle over detail, to discover shapes that melt away into darkness, to be released into spaces of lighter, tender hues.
We are invited to explore these depths, to puzzle over their meanings, to attempt identification of recognizable shapes that defy categorization or, if identifiable, as in the painting ‘Family’ or ‘My Parents’ they merge into intensive patches of dark reds and oranges that wipe out boundaries. Only the heads are globes of gold and appear as holes into a world beyond.

Most of the paintings represented in this volume, executed in acrylic or oil, speak through the intensity and balance of colour use. There is weight, manifestations of experience that create this sense of mystery, of questions that have not been answered.
‘Fear’kept in oil, is captured in a patch of red that extends vertically behind a ghostlike human figure which reaches out and is mirrored in a dark pool of cobalt blue.

The more mature pieces, such as ‘Red Power,’ show off Silke Koppe as masterful colourist. It is this exceptionally delicate handling and balancing of colour that mark her artistry. There is a magnetic force that draws in, repels, disturbs and calms, a journey not for the ordinary viewer.

Luise Prior Mc Carty

Associate Professor Ph.D.
Indiana University
Bloomington, IN, USA